Get Beyonce’s Superbowl Hair Style

Beyonce hair style superbowl 2013Beyonce’s superbowl halftime show was lights-out. Literally. She blew the lights out twice during rehearsal. And she looked amazing with her all-female band, back-up dancers, and even the 30 second reunion with the rest of Destiny’s Child.

Obviously, Beyonce’s hair begins with a healthy dose of extensions – so don’t fret if your hair isn’t long or thick. No celebs’ hair is either.

How to get Beyonce’s Style:

1. Run an orange-to-grapefruit size amount of volumizing mousse throughout your hair (from roots to tips). Blow out your hair with a brush, or if you need extra body, scrunching with a diffuser.

2. Part hair down the middle. (option: grow out your highlights to get a grown-up, classy version of the Ombre style)

3. Wrap small, 1/2 inch sections around your EasyCurl curling iron – using it as a wand (don’t use the clip this time) making sure that you’re wrapping so that the curl twists away from your face on either side. Curl  hair about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up – no need to really do the roots.

4. Optional: for more length and  volume, add a few clip-in extensions, like Victoria’s Secret angels hair stylists did.

Michelle Obama Gets Bangs!

0-rfr4avhtA perfect example of someone who needed bangs, and now looks fabulous with them! Michelle Obama has a very high forehead, high arch eyebrows, and instead of waiting for TMZ to pounce on any future wrinkles – she turned the tables and got the coolest set of bangs ever seen on a human.


PLUS, now she has more freedom to wear a wig if she’s not having a perfect hair day (and I think some of the pictures I’ve seen of the new bangs are possible a wig). Since bangs cover up a wig hairline, which almost never looks natural.


My one beef: how come the first daughters weren’t allowed to have bangs too? They would look so cute with them!! Since it’s kind of a *cough* younger style…but now it’s too late. It’d be weird now. I’m detecting bang envy in this picture from the inauguration. Especially from the older one. Pretty sure she’s texting about it right here: