Celebrity Long Hair Up-Dos You Can Do Too!

ponytail and braid


We love these two up-do’s worn by Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne on the MTV red carpet, and they are perfect for different face shapes.

First, Selena’s long inside out braid was perfect for her heart shaped face and smaller features because of the poof at the front of her hairline. This elongated her face, making her look taller and thinner (not that she needs it, but still, for the rest of us). It’s also an instant face-lift since the sides really need to be swept up high and tight for this braid.

It’s cool since the braid is on the outside, so you can see more of the detail. Love it!

Bella’s up-do added more flair to just your regular ponytail. It also was a way to glam up bangs – blow them out straight so they have a little more body, rather than sweeping them to the side.

DIY How to Get Hair like Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian ombre curls hairstyle


Khloe Kardashian showed off her new hairstyle (and puppy!) – ombre ringlets. We think it looks natural and gives her a relaxed, Cali-glam look – which totally suits her more than the old too-dark hair color and vampy lipstick.

Here’s how you can get Khloe’s style:

1. Get that Ombre color you’v been thinking about for the past few months. Spring is here! Here’s how to do ombre color yourself

2. Using a fine comb, do a deep side part the opposite direction of your normal part (this will boost root volume in the front without need for product). Changing the side of your part is also a good way to prevent hair loss (using the same part for too long, hair sometimes falls out along the part from ponytails, etc) and an easy way to get a new look without having to pull out the scissors!

3. Run some curl mousse through your hair and let hair air dry, if you have time. If not, blowdry sans brush with your head flipped down, to give you some root volume.

4.  Using a curling iron wand like our awesome EasyCurl, curl 1-inch sections. Start about 3-4 inches from the roots, wrapping hair around the barrel so the curls spiral away from your face. Don’t strive for perfect here, it will look better if the curls are a little haphazard.



How to Get Taylor Swift’s Vintage Up-Do from the Golden Globes

taylor swift retro hair style golden globes 2013


We loved Taylor Swift’s elegant vintage roll up-do from the Golden Globes – and here’s how you can get it yourself!

Actually, it’s nearly the same process as our previous post on how to get a faux bob hairstyle. (with Taylor Swift adding an extra few pins in the front to hold back her blunt bangs, and using a side part rather than no part). There’s just one addition at the end: before you roll the ponytail up and under, pin with bobby pins the hair at the nape of your neck.

That’s why Taylor seems to have a little line at the back of her head – where the bobby pins were (or maybe are…hiding in there) – which is what makes this an up-do rather than a bob. It gives the roll at the back of your neck definition, instead of just spreading out to look like a under-flip bob.