Celebrity Long Hair Up-Dos You Can Do Too!

ponytail and braid


We love these two up-do’s worn by Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne on the MTV red carpet, and they are perfect for different face shapes.

First, Selena’s long inside out braid was perfect for her heart shaped face and smaller features because of the poof at the front of her hairline. This elongated her face, making her look taller and thinner (not that she needs it, but still, for the rest of us). It’s also an instant face-lift since the sides really need to be swept up high and tight for this braid.

It’s cool since the braid is on the outside, so you can see more of the detail. Love it!

Bella’s up-do added more flair to just your regular ponytail. It also was a way to glam up bangs – blow them out straight so they have a little more body, rather than sweeping them to the side.

Shock: Kesha doesn’t look like she woke up in a dumpster of glitter

Shocking update – Ke$ha doesn’t look like she needs a bath – and actually looks really nice!!!


She made the Celeb hairstyle of the week for her look at the American Music Awards.


I mean, I know it’s a wig, but it’s really beautiful – and clean! I love the platinum soft waves, deep part, and the half pinned behind her ear.


This is a perfect hairstyle for brides, holiday parties, or prom / homecoming, and definitely do-able yourself, even without a wig. It’s romantic, and soft – even if you have a really bright hair color. A+ !!


Here’s how you can get the look yourself:


1. Blowdry hair smooth, with a deep side part.


2. Curl just the bottom half of your hair with our EasyCurl Curling Iron. Either use with thumb twist, or as a clipless curling iron just by wrapping the bottom part of hair around the barrel. Release the hair, but leave coiled, and close the ringlet with a bobbly pin to let cool.