The Titanium Flat Iron

Runway Tools Titanium Flat Iron
Runway Tools Titanium Flat Iron

Say goodbye to frizz and fry. The Titanium Flat Iron’s plates are the newest in plate technology—a damage-free way to create an ultra-smooth satin finish to beautifully straight hair. With even heat distribution and high ionic output even coarse, thick and curly locks become smooth-as-glass luxurious. And you thought you didn’t like ironing.

Why The Titanium Flat Iron?

Titanium metal plates heat very evenly (read: no cold spots), so hair ends up shinier and sleeker. The exceptionally smooth surface allows strands to glide down without snagging or pulling. With even distribution and high ionic power, the heat penetrates the hair from the inside out to straighten gently, without causing damage.



  • The most advanced ceramic heater (MCH) heats up in a flash and keeps consistent heat across the plates.
  • This iron uses the latest ion technology, so all eyes are on shiny and smooth results.
  • The blue/white digital LCD temperature display gives you the green light to start styling.
  • Ventilation holes in the iron’s case offer an escape plan for excess heat, so hair doesn’t overheat or fry.
  • Don’t get yourself into a twist. The 360º swivel cord never tangles.
  • Safety first. The digital timer function has an automatic safety shut-off so after an hour, things cool down.
  • What’s your pleasure–Celsius or Fahrenheit? It’s got both.


How to Use:

Whether flicking, curling, or straightening, enjoy a silky, smooth and stylish result. Clamp the hair, and then flip it upside down while pulling gently down to create curls and loose waves. Or, for you perfectionists, hold a section in a fine-tooth comb, combing while you iron. Hair is perfectly straight.

For Stylists: It’s recommended when using chemical-straightening products (like Keratin treatment) using the Titanium Iron will give your client’s optimal results.

Price: $150.00