The Fusion Iron

The Fusion Iron – A Cold Deep Conditioning Tool
The Fusion Iron - A Cold Deep Conditioning Tool

The Fusion Iron is the future of professional hair conditioning and combines infrared light with ultrasonic vibrations that allow nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair’s core. The Fusion plumps fine hair and smoothes coarse, unruly hair, leaving it healthy and shiny.
The Fusion conditioning treatment is recommended for after or between hair colorings, in order to richen and lock in color to make it last longer and prevent breakage. The Fusion Iron treatment is also prefect for restoring moisture to stressed hair that has been damaged by sun or chlorine.

About our Ultrasonic technology:

Ultrasonic technology is currently used in the beauty industry for facial and body treatments. The facial ultrasonic wand is passed over masks and skin creams breaking up their active ingredients into smaller molecules, which allows them deeply penetrate the skin’s outer layer. The Fusion treatment iron does the same thing for hair, breaking up conditioning molecules, allowing them to deeply penetrate the hair’s core.

Runway Tools is the exclusive retailer of Fusion Iron technology in the United States.

Price: $125.00