How to Get Taylor Swift’s Vintage Up-Do from the Golden Globes

taylor swift retro hair style golden globes 2013


We loved Taylor Swift’s elegant vintage roll up-do from the Golden Globes – and here’s how you can get it yourself!

Actually, it’s nearly the same process as our previous post on how to get a faux bob hairstyle. (with Taylor Swift adding an extra few pins in the front to hold back her blunt bangs, and using a side part rather than no part). There’s just one addition at the end: before you roll the ponytail up and under, pin with bobby pins the hair at the nape of your neck.

That’s why Taylor seems to have a little line at the back of her head – where the bobby pins were (or maybe are…hiding in there) – which is what makes this an up-do rather than a bob. It gives the roll at the back of your neck definition, instead of just spreading out to look like a under-flip bob.

Hair Styles from Golden Globes 2013: Best and Worst Celeb Styles

Adele Taylor Swift Retro Updo golden globe styleOur favorite style from the Golden Globes was where something old is new again: retro up-do’s! And the best two were competeing for the same award: Best Song from a Movie (which Adele won with ‘Skyfall’).

Taylor Swift looked elegant and grown up by sweeping the bangs off her face and having her hair look perfectly in place in a retro-rolled under up-do (but without looking crunchy from gel or hairspray).

Adele had a cool basket-weave up-do like we showed you how to get a little while back. But hers had more root volume – which is kind of her signature look.

Tomorrow we’ll show you how to get Taylor Swift’s up-do!

Runner up for best hair? I’d say Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba, since the wore similar styles. Lovely cascading curls swept to one side, most likely with some clip-in pieces or full-on extensions for length and volume. Nothing so original, but beautiful and nice. Classy ladies for sure.

jennifer lopez golden globes best hair 2013jessica alba golden globes celeb hair style 2013

Worst hair? I hate to kick someone when they’re down, but…Kelly Osborne. Questionable. The color(s), the high poof in the front, it was all too much. Can’t like it. But if you are interested in the getting Kelly’s color, here’s how to do it.

kelly orborne purple hair golden globes

Jennifer Lawrence’s 50′s Retro Vanity Fair Cover Shoot

jennifer lawrence retro hairstyleJennifer Lawrence has cast off her tomboy Hunger Games image and now looks like absolutely amazing sex-kitten in a 50′s retro-themed cover shoot for February’s Vanity Fair Magazine.

What we especially love is her hair!! It is a high tease crown with cascading loose curls held sleekly down with a small bow headband. The overall look is feline-sexy with leopard print highwaist pants, 50′s cat-eye liner, midriff-bareing blouse, and high pointy heels which are so gorgeous on her.

However, if you want to get hair like this, unless your hair is extremely thick, you’ll need some clip-in hair extension pieces like these from HairUWear. For this picture in fact it might be a wig, or at a minimum a large piece or extension. The headband in this will do a nice job of hiding any hair pieces, so here’s how you can get this look:

1. Prep hair with a thickening spray or mousse from roots to tips. Blowdry pulling away from the scalp.

2. Set the hair on your crown in 2-3 large rollers, run the blowdryer over them for a minute, then let cool completely.

3. Slick the front of your hair back with some water and gel, hold in place with bobby pins or barrettes. Put headband over barrettes (you can take them out once hair is completely dry.

4. As you remove hair from rollers, tease the roots with a fine-tooth comb.

5. Curl just the bottom 6-8 inches of your hair with a large barrel curling iron, like our EasyCurl! Finger comb any pieces that are too perfect looking.

7. Smooth down the top layer and spray this bad boy with plenty of aquanet!

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How to Get Amanda Seyfried’s Braided Bun in Under 5 Minutes

Huffington Post has a great how-to get the gorgeous holiday braided bun that Amanda Seyfried is rocking here. The short version: clip in some extensions in the back, slick your hair into a ponytail, braid then wrap in a circle bun.

Note: this style tends to work best on brunettes, since the fake hair piece needed looks doll hair fake-y with blonde hair (as you can see here…you’d think with a big star they could get perfectly color matched extensions and human hair). But I’ve seen this style look completely realistic on a brunette.


Victoria’s Secret Fashion: How to Get Hair Like an Angel

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show last night was amazing – every year it seems to get bigger and better – and because Bruno Mars, Rihanna, AND Justin Bieber were there too!!

And of course, we were most interested in their sexy glam hair style this year. Per Victoria’s Secret casting director, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, this year they were looking for:

” Hair needs to be more touseled, glossy, broken and textured. It still needs to look polished, but separated, sexy and wavy. It has to have that brokenness, but it still needs to feel glossy, not dry.”

According to head hair stylist, Orlando Pita, these are the steps he used to get that look on all 50+ of the angels in the show:

1. Mousse. “We start of by blow drying with a volume mousse” said Pita. If you watch the video, he finger combs it in from roots to ends. Note: he blows hair dry with some curl and movement into it, not just stick straight. So try to pull the brush and hair away from your head, not straight down.

2. Add clip-in hair pieces. Well, that’s why all their hair looks so full! Each girl got 2-4 pieces – you can see here him curling them on a mannquein head. (Actually clip-ins aren’t usually expensive, check your local beauty supply)

Clip in hair extensions from victoria's secret fashion show
Stylist Orlando Pita curls the angels’ extensions before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

3. Curl hair loosely, using a big barreled curling iron, like our EasyCurl. Front pieces are pinned in place to cool – which sets the curl, lessening the need for finishing spray.





I don’t see any hair spray used here, probably so the hair stays glossy looking – often spray dries and dulls hair. The trade-off is that the curls and waves really fall by the end of the show. But of course – that was probably on purpose, so hair looks more natural.

Shock: Kesha doesn’t look like she woke up in a dumpster of glitter

Shocking update – Ke$ha doesn’t look like she needs a bath – and actually looks really nice!!!


She made the Celeb hairstyle of the week for her look at the American Music Awards.


I mean, I know it’s a wig, but it’s really beautiful – and clean! I love the platinum soft waves, deep part, and the half pinned behind her ear.


This is a perfect hairstyle for brides, holiday parties, or prom / homecoming, and definitely do-able yourself, even without a wig. It’s romantic, and soft – even if you have a really bright hair color. A+ !!


Here’s how you can get the look yourself:


1. Blowdry hair smooth, with a deep side part.


2. Curl just the bottom half of your hair with our EasyCurl Curling Iron. Either use with thumb twist, or as a clipless curling iron just by wrapping the bottom part of hair around the barrel. Release the hair, but leave coiled, and close the ringlet with a bobbly pin to let cool.


How to Get Kate Middleton’s Hair Style

Princess Kate Middleton is always gorgeous, and as usual the British tabloids are hyperventilating that she has worn the same piece of clothing more than once.

Kate has changed up the look by trading in her trademark loose curls for a straight blowout. But probably for the first time, I’m not loving the look. Her haircut is not meant to be completely straight…or something. If you look closely it seems she’s gotten a few shorter face-framing layers, shorter hair overall, and perhaps some very subtle golden highlights. Here’s the side-by-side of her (*gasp*) wearing the same red coat, but note the different hair:

You can get her old classic curls like so:

1. Blowdry hair smooth, with a center part

2. Curl just the bottom quarter of your hair. Leave hair coiled, and close the ringlet with a bobbly pin or clip to let cool.