How to Get Kate Middleton’s Hair Style

Princess Kate Middleton is always gorgeous, and as usual the British tabloids are hyperventilating that she has worn the same piece of clothing more than once.

Kate has changed up the look by trading in her trademark loose curls for a straight blowout. But probably for the first time, I’m not loving the look. Her haircut is not meant to be completely straight…or something. If you look closely it seems she’s gotten a few shorter face-framing layers, shorter hair overall, and perhaps some very subtle golden highlights. Here’s the side-by-side of her (*gasp*) wearing the same red coat, but note the different hair:

You can get her old classic curls like so:

1. Blowdry hair smooth, with a center part

2. Curl just the bottom quarter of your hair. Leave hair coiled, and close the ringlet with a bobbly pin or clip to let cool.

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