Hair Styles from Golden Globes 2013: Best and Worst Celeb Styles

Adele Taylor Swift Retro Updo golden globe styleOur favorite style from the Golden Globes was where something old is new again: retro up-do’s! And the best two were competeing for the same award: Best Song from a Movie (which Adele won with ‘Skyfall’).

Taylor Swift looked elegant and grown up by sweeping the bangs off her face and having her hair look perfectly in place in a retro-rolled under up-do (but without looking crunchy from gel or hairspray).

Adele had a cool basket-weave up-do like we showed you how to get a little while back. But hers had more root volume – which is kind of her signature look.

Tomorrow we’ll show you how to get Taylor Swift’s up-do!

Runner up for best hair? I’d say Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba, since the wore similar styles. Lovely cascading curls swept to one side, most likely with some clip-in pieces or full-on extensions for length and volume. Nothing so original, but beautiful and nice. Classy ladies for sure.

jennifer lopez golden globes best hair 2013jessica alba golden globes celeb hair style 2013

Worst hair? I hate to kick someone when they’re down, but…Kelly Osborne. Questionable. The color(s), the high poof in the front, it was all too much. Can’t like it. But if you are interested in the getting Kelly’s color, here’s how to do it.

kelly orborne purple hair golden globes

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