Runway Tools Backstage at NBC Upfronts

Super talented stylist Kiesha Galloway from Patrice Vince Salon in Boston did some amazing celeb hairstyles at NBC’s upfronts promoting upcoming new TV pilot series. Kiesh herself took care of Minnie Driver’s new show “About a Boy.”

We think she did an amazing job – Minnie looks fabulous in a chic updo, created in part by using Runway Tools’ EasyCurl Curling Iron.

Girl Burns Own Hair Off with Curling Iron Beauty Video

Tori Locklear was a middle schooler trying to make a video on how to curl your hair, when on the first take she burns off an entire section of her hair! How did this happen? And how can you make sure not to do it to yourself??

Avi Elkayam, founder of Runway Tools, suspects that there are a lot of factors that led to Tori’s roasted ringlet:

“The hair at your temples is usually finer and weaker than hair anywhere else on your head – so it was too delicate for that kind of styling. It’s likely that her curling iron was set at a temperature much higher than she needed to achieve a style. Tori’s hair is light and very fine, so she likely needs a very low temperature like 200F-250F to get a lasting curl. Most wand irons just have high and low settings – she probably set it on high to make sure it worked for the video. And she probably only needs to hold the iron in place for 3-5 seconds – I could tell she left it in place a little too long. Lastly, the Tresemme spray she used, which she suspects was the cause, contains a lot of alcohol, so it’s very drying, and possibly contributed to her hair falling off in one big piece.”

The EasyCurl Curling Iron

  • Soft Button Twist, LCD temp display 
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  •  The EasyCurl Curling Iron combines innovative design with cutting edge ceramic heat technology to create beautiful, bouncy curls on all hair types.
  • For tight curls, twist slowly. For loose waves, twist the iron quickly.Hold in place near the roots to use as a hot roller to create lift and body. Our versatile styling tool is super easy to use and creates stunning looks.

  • How does it work?The design focuses the heat on the strongest part of the hair by clamping and winding from the root, minimizing styling stress on delicate ends. Traditional curling irons start at the tips, damaging hair and creating split ends.
  • The EasyCurl Ceramic Iron is easy to use since twisting is all controlled by the thumb, which spins the barrel using ‘Soft Touch’ button technology. Our spin button also keeps fingers safely away from the iron’s hot barrel.


    • The most advanced heating element, flash-quick heat up time.
    • Extremely easy operation.
    • Blue and white digital LCD temperature display.
    • Background light showing the operating status on a clear and active screen.
    • 360º swivel cord never tangles.
    • Digital timer function with automatic safety shut-off after 60 minutes.
    • Temperature reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.