Breaking Dawn 2 Premier: Copy Kristen Stewart’s Hair Style

At latest Twlight premier for “Breaking Dawn 2”, Kristen Stewart crushed the red carpet with her peek-a-boo nude dress and half twist hairstyle with cascading loose curls. A+!! The whole look was natural, relaxed, and megawatt-glam – and likely helped to soften K Stew’s image (ghostly pale homewrecker).

I think this is a perfect hairstyle for brides or bridesmaids – polished but not over-done and “pageant-y”. They key to this lose up-do is hair health and shine. If your hair is colored, consider going to the salon to get a semi-permanent color or clear gloss done. And styling creams are best for this look, as they add texture and shine, whereas hairsprays will stiffen and dull this look.


Here’s how you can get that style, without sleeping with the director!


1. Run your favorite moisturizing styling cream from roots to ends, and blowdry smooth using a round brush. They key to this look is root volume, so blowdry the roots of your hair at the crown in the opposite direction where you will be doing the part.


2. Slice a deep side part using a comb (it will look neater than using your fingers)


3. Begin tucking hair into a twist across the back of your head on one side. Use bobby pins to hold in place.


4. Use a medium barrel curling iron (like our super-easy to use easycurl curling iron!) to curl sections on the loose hair*. Pin a few in the front into pin curls to cool.


(* note, if you have really stick-straight hair that does not hold a curl, spray your hair with Oribe’s Soft Lacquer hairspray first. This spray is heat-activated and will hold the curl and give high-shine. Do NOT use as a finishing spray, hair will be sticky)


5. Once hair has completely cooled, finger comb the curls out til they’re more like waves.




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