Get the Look: Nicole Kidman’s Faux Bob from Red Carpet Cannes Hairstyle

Hmm, not sure about Nicole Kidman’s very stiff pinned faux bob hairstyle she wore at the Cannes film festival. She of course looks gorgeous anyway, but still….we think it should’ve been loosened up a little with some more curls and perhaps loose pieces (like Rachel Bilson, see below).

Plus, all the spray and gel necessary for this updo really left her hair looking like a flat shell instead of shiny (which is anyway a problem for those of us with blonde hair, it rarely reflects enough light). What do you think? And of course, if you want to get the look yourself, here’s how you can get this cool jetsons up-do yourself!

nicole kidman faux bob updo nicole kidman updo bob cannes rachel bilson pinned updo faux bob

Runway Tools Backstage at NBC Upfronts

Super talented stylist Kiesha Galloway from Patrice Vince Salon in Boston did some amazing celeb hairstyles at NBC’s upfronts promoting upcoming new TV pilot series. Kiesh herself took care of Minnie Driver’s new show “About a Boy.”

We think she did an amazing job – Minnie looks fabulous in a chic updo, created in part by using Runway Tools’ EasyCurl Curling Iron.

Celebrity Long Hair Up-Dos You Can Do Too!

ponytail and braid


We love these two up-do’s worn by Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne on the MTV red carpet, and they are perfect for different face shapes.

First, Selena’s long inside out braid was perfect for her heart shaped face and smaller features because of the poof at the front of her hairline. This elongated her face, making her look taller and thinner (not that she needs it, but still, for the rest of us). It’s also an instant face-lift since the sides really need to be swept up high and tight for this braid.

It’s cool since the braid is on the outside, so you can see more of the detail. Love it!

Bella’s up-do added more flair to just your regular ponytail. It also was a way to glam up bangs – blow them out straight so they have a little more body, rather than sweeping them to the side.

Sophia Vergara is a natural blonde…whaaat?

sofia vergara blonde new haircut color

Modern Family bombshell Sophia Vergara is actually a natural blonde, and has gone back to her roots lately. What?? She claims that she has dyed her hair brunette because she didn’t fit the stereotypical profile of a latina by having blonde hair.

Either way, her old (or, new) blonde haircolor and choppy cut – with long piece-y layers, looks fabulous on her. Although all the back and forth with the colors has left her ends a little dry and brittle looking.  (dryness and split ends is always much easier to hide cover up with a glossy chocolate toner).

If you ever end up with the same dryness, a keratin protein mask 2x’s a week (then gradually stepping down to once a week, then once a month) will fix that. Use with our Fusion iron to lock in moisture and color, especially after repeated hair colorings. A word of warning about keratin masks: make sure not to leave it on for longer than the instructions state – or it’ll make pieces too brittle and break off!!


DIY How to Get Hair like Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian ombre curls hairstyle


Khloe Kardashian showed off her new hairstyle (and puppy!) – ombre ringlets. We think it looks natural and gives her a relaxed, Cali-glam look – which totally suits her more than the old too-dark hair color and vampy lipstick.

Here’s how you can get Khloe’s style:

1. Get that Ombre color you’v been thinking about for the past few months. Spring is here! Here’s how to do ombre color yourself

2. Using a fine comb, do a deep side part the opposite direction of your normal part (this will boost root volume in the front without need for product). Changing the side of your part is also a good way to prevent hair loss (using the same part for too long, hair sometimes falls out along the part from ponytails, etc) and an easy way to get a new look without having to pull out the scissors!

3. Run some curl mousse through your hair and let hair air dry, if you have time. If not, blowdry sans brush with your head flipped down, to give you some root volume.

4.  Using a curling iron wand like our awesome EasyCurl, curl 1-inch sections. Start about 3-4 inches from the roots, wrapping hair around the barrel so the curls spiral away from your face. Don’t strive for perfect here, it will look better if the curls are a little haphazard.



Girl Burns Own Hair Off with Curling Iron Beauty Video

Tori Locklear was a middle schooler trying to make a video on how to curl your hair, when on the first take she burns off an entire section of her hair! How did this happen? And how can you make sure not to do it to yourself??

Avi Elkayam, founder of Runway Tools, suspects that there are a lot of factors that led to Tori’s roasted ringlet:

“The hair at your temples is usually finer and weaker than hair anywhere else on your head – so it was too delicate for that kind of styling. It’s likely that her curling iron was set at a temperature much higher than she needed to achieve a style. Tori’s hair is light and very fine, so she likely needs a very low temperature like 200F-250F to get a lasting curl. Most wand irons just have high and low settings – she probably set it on high to make sure it worked for the video. And she probably only needs to hold the iron in place for 3-5 seconds – I could tell she left it in place a little too long. Lastly, the Tresemme spray she used, which she suspects was the cause, contains a lot of alcohol, so it’s very drying, and possibly contributed to her hair falling off in one big piece.”

Best and Worst Hair at the Grammys 2013

Can you tell how good of a singer someone is just by looking at them? At the 2013 Grammys, I’d hazard that is a yes.

It was clear that stars with actual talent (Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift) were looking classy and beautiful. Beyonce’s sleek center part and pony/bun, Rihanna’s loose waves (extensions, but still, looked pretty good), Taylor Swift’s gorgeous gown and braids (some commented that it was too juvenile a look, but I think she looked stunning and classy without looking too old – she’s 23 after all!!)

Versus….the rest – I’ve put the best of the worst below. Scary!!

Get Beyonce’s Superbowl Hair Style

Beyonce hair style superbowl 2013Beyonce’s superbowl halftime show was lights-out. Literally. She blew the lights out twice during rehearsal. And she looked amazing with her all-female band, back-up dancers, and even the 30 second reunion with the rest of Destiny’s Child.

Obviously, Beyonce’s hair begins with a healthy dose of extensions – so don’t fret if your hair isn’t long or thick. No celebs’ hair is either.

How to get Beyonce’s Style:

1. Run an orange-to-grapefruit size amount of volumizing mousse throughout your hair (from roots to tips). Blow out your hair with a brush, or if you need extra body, scrunching with a diffuser.

2. Part hair down the middle. (option: grow out your highlights to get a grown-up, classy version of the Ombre style)

3. Wrap small, 1/2 inch sections around your EasyCurl curling iron – using it as a wand (don’t use the clip this time) making sure that you’re wrapping so that the curl twists away from your face on either side. Curl  hair about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up – no need to really do the roots.

4. Optional: for more length and  volume, add a few clip-in extensions, like Victoria’s Secret angels hair stylists did.

Michelle Obama Gets Bangs!

0-rfr4avhtA perfect example of someone who needed bangs, and now looks fabulous with them! Michelle Obama has a very high forehead, high arch eyebrows, and instead of waiting for TMZ to pounce on any future wrinkles – she turned the tables and got the coolest set of bangs ever seen on a human.


PLUS, now she has more freedom to wear a wig if she’s not having a perfect hair day (and I think some of the pictures I’ve seen of the new bangs are possible a wig). Since bangs cover up a wig hairline, which almost never looks natural.


My one beef: how come the first daughters weren’t allowed to have bangs too? They would look so cute with them!! Since it’s kind of a *cough* younger style…but now it’s too late. It’d be weird now. I’m detecting bang envy in this picture from the inauguration. Especially from the older one. Pretty sure she’s texting about it right here: