Celebrity Long Hair Up-Dos You Can Do Too!

ponytail and braid


We love these two up-do’s worn by Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne on the MTV red carpet, and they are perfect for different face shapes.

First, Selena’s long inside out braid was perfect for her heart shaped face and smaller features because of the poof at the front of her hairline. This elongated her face, making her look taller and thinner (not that she needs it, but still, for the rest of us). It’s also an instant face-lift since the sides really need to be swept up high and tight for this braid.

It’s cool since the braid is on the outside, so you can see more of the detail. Love it!

Bella’s up-do added more flair to just your regular ponytail. It also was a way to glam up bangs – blow them out straight so they have a little more body, rather than sweeping them to the side.

Sophia Vergara is a natural blonde…whaaat?

sofia vergara blonde new haircut color

Modern Family bombshell Sophia Vergara is actually a natural blonde, and has gone back to her roots lately. What?? She claims that she has dyed her hair brunette because she didn’t fit the stereotypical profile of a latina by having blonde hair.

Either way, her old (or, new) blonde haircolor and choppy cut – with long piece-y layers, looks fabulous on her. Although all the back and forth with the colors has left her ends a little dry and brittle looking.  (dryness and split ends is always much easier to hide cover up with a glossy chocolate toner).

If you ever end up with the same dryness, a keratin protein mask 2x’s a week (then gradually stepping down to once a week, then once a month) will fix that. Use with our Fusion iron to lock in moisture and color, especially after repeated hair colorings. A word of warning about keratin masks: make sure not to leave it on for longer than the instructions state – or it’ll make pieces too brittle and break off!!